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30 Oct 2023 @ 9:58am

The stock market is full of varied opportunities. Indeed, companies listed on the stock exchange come from multiple sectors of activity: industry, technology, raw materials or even the tertiary sector.

We turn our attention to a former nationalized company which was privatized barely 2 years ago: Française des jeux.

We will present all the potential of buying FDJ shares   : its history, the price evolution on the stock market, its forecasts and how to successfully  invest  in FDJ.

Discover our complete and straightforward opinion on the lottery leader in France.

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Why choose fdj stock?

As we indicated earlier, the FDJ group recently entered the  stock market  on  Euronext Paris .

The privatization of FDJ to buy shares is of course not a twist of fate.

It is the result of a long reflection by the French State which was able to measure the potential of privatization to boost the finances of the leader in France in national lotteries, sports betting and winning money via scratch cards.

i️ In 2018, the FDJ represented 170.4 million in net profit and 1.8 billion in turnover. 15.8 billion stakes accumulated by players in one year.

It should be noted that individual investors present during the subscription period benefited from a return of 3.1%.

They are only impacted by a  2% discount  and  10% contribution in company shares.

A question remains: should we invest in the FDJ?

All technical analyzes demonstrate that the stock price is in a bullish phase that seems interminable and unstoppable.

Certainly, the growth is not explosive like certain US Tech stocks, but particularly regular since the Coronavirus pandemic.

👍 Since its  IPO , the stock has increased by +98%.

Annual growth, announced by the group, would be 5% for 25 years.

FDJ dividends  are  particularly important.

➡️ Nearly 75% of profits are returned to shareholders. A regular income stream that should not be neglected in the long term.

The profits earned are always significant, which is the assurance of a financially solid company.

The State is expected to sell off a large part of its capital shares in the years to come, which will open the doors to many investors with a very interesting bonus effect.

Development of new fun concepts based on chance and lottery: heritage lottery for example which contributes to the restoration of French monuments.

Information on the fdj 

Quelques chiffres sur FDJ
Fondateur Bienaimé Jourdain et Albert Jugon
Date de création de l'entreprise 1976
Date d'Introduction en bourse 21 novembre 2019
Principaux actionnaires de l'action FDJ
  • UBFT : 9.80%
  • Predica SA : 5.06 %
  • Amundi Asset Management : 3.93%
Augmentation du CA sur 10 ans
  • 2010 : 9.5 milliards €
  • 2020 : 16 milliards €

Soit + 68.42%
Augmentation des Bénéfices sur 10 ans
  • 2010 : 130 millions
  • 2020 : 214 millions €

Soit + 64.62%

Dividends from fdj shares 

We mentioned it quickly just before, the company has paid colossal dividends to its shareholders since its IPO in 2019.

👍 Its results are very positive and this generous FDJ dividend policy is fully in line with the dynamic behind the stock market project.

In addition to a return per share which will be around  3% by the end of 2021 , the last coupon distributed was €0.90 per share in its portfolio.

The amount of this continues to increase, which is a real asset for individual investors.

A financial windfall not to be neglected in the long term. Let’s imagine a  shareholder  with 100 FDJ shares in his possession.

📱 He is guaranteed to receive at least €90 per year for an initial investment capital of €4,500 in regular valuation.

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We tend to say in the casino and chance sector that the bank always wins.

In our opinion, this adage applies quite well to shareholders who decide to invest part of their capital in the leading company in France for games of chance, lotteries, sports betting and scratch cards.

Since its IPO on the Euronext Paris market in 2019, FDJ shares have demonstrated their potential for growth with performances that have barely been marred by the COVID-19 episode.

It is really that the return per security is slightly lower than expected, as is the volume of players’ bets, yet the confidence is clearly displayed on the side of the financial group which is still partly supported by the State.

Its commercial developments are numerous.

Its commitment to public actions (revalorization of historical heritage for example) through giant lottery generates ever greater involvement with players and therefore shareholders.

This privatization is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with the primary missions of the ancient National Lottery.

The gaming sector, especially so affordable and available everywhere close to home, can hardly face a major crisis.

We see this clearly with an increase in the volume of bets in 2018 when France was hit hard by the global financial crisis.

Add to this the next sale of State shares for individual investors which will obviously create a more than positive dynamic on FDJ securities.

Buying FDJ shares seems, in our opinion, a rather safe investment with many guarantees for years to come.

It is worth remembering that the dividends paid are important. It would be a shame not to take advantage of it while perhaps waiting for another opportunity.

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FAQ sur Fdj

Plusieurs indicateurs de trading et analyses financières semblent indiquer qu’acheter des actions FDJ est un bon investissement à moyen ou long terme. En parallèle d’autres instruments comme les ETF, les crypto monnaies (Bitcoin, Ethereum) ou encore matières premières. De plus, le versement de dividendes est plutôt attractif (0.90€ par action).

Rien de plus pour devenir actionnaire chez FDJ : l’ouverture d’un compte de trading chez un broker régulé et fiable (comme eToro). Après avoir réalisé un premier dépôt, il est alors possible de sélectionner l’entreprise et de placer son argent en achetant des parts. Sans commission pour un achat au comptant.